"Finally Home." Johannes Radebe

In this episode, South African born, champion dancer and Strictly Come Dancing professional, Johannes Radebe opens up about the adversity’s he has faced throughout his life.

A Slight Shift: Dr. Els van der Helm is a sleep neuroscientist and joins me on this episode from her home office in Switzerland. Els is focused on helping us improve our day to day performance by improving the sleep of business leaders and their teams

Nikki’s experiences with cerebral palsy, her journey into adaptive athletics, and her insights into handling disappointments and judgments provide valuable lessons for all of us. The discussion emphasizes empathy, understanding, and the importance of personal resilience.

A Slight Shift : The full episode is titled “Working on my nerves with Shaun Brooking.

In this episode, I speak with Ronen Aires about the importance of taking control of one’s busy schedule and finding ways to add capacity to our lives.

Shelley is a certified SACAP counselor, international coach federation member, and accredited professional certified coach.
She found her career after her fiancé left her.

While training for a gymnastics competition, 16-year-old Brandon Beack had a life-changing accident. A poorly timed dismount saw him miss the safety mat and land on the only square metre of uncovered concrete

Ayanda Dlamini is a fellow parent, a dear friend and a former radio colleague.

In this episode, Sean speaks with Terence Mentor, who shares his personal journey and experiences with ADHD. Terence opens up about the challenges he faced before understanding his condition and how speaking openly about it has helped him feel less alone.

Danny Painter agreed to share openly about her journey to therapy and I think her story may just help break some stigmas.

Early in our marriage we spoke about having more than one child. And from time to time we revisit that conversation – each time with a refreshed perspective.

In this episode we look back at Rachel’s dream to swim at the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games and the effort it would take to make the Australian National team.

Marked by his parents’ divorce and a lack of support, Jonno shares how he turned to alcohol and drugs to cope, but eventually found his drive to succeed through the need to feel significant.

Using a dynamic mix of human psychology, quantum science, business strategy and futurism, John Sanei creates talks, writes books, delivers masterclasses and sits on boards to help guide future-forward leaders who are ready to lean into uncertainty, overcome doubt, and rise with courage, clarity and power.

Did you know there is a waste management system for your brain? Essentially it is responsible for carrying fresh fluids into and waste fluids out of your brain. This happens mostly during sleep. So, what then if you don’t get enough sleep?

We’re often told that dealing with daily situations is simply a case of mind over matter, but very seldom are we taught skills to implement this.

We’re often told that dealing with daily situations is simply a case of mind over matter, but very seldom are we taught skills to implement this.

If, like me, you have aches and pains that come and go, you may have tried a few different methods of alleviating your ailments.

Looking for a podcast that delves into the struggles and joys of being human? Look no further than Something Shifted hosted by dedicated dad, Sean Loots who has worked through burnout and is passionate about sharing his experiences with others.

Join me, Sean Loots, as I share stories of resilience, unpack the hard knocks of life, and offer insights into trauma recovery, capacity building, nutrition, mindset and mental health.

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