Zola Nene.

Zola Nene shares her journey of leaving law to pursue a career in the culinary arts, overcoming imposter syndrome, and finding joy in her work.

The chef, food stylist, food writer, media personality, recipe developer, cooking show host, restaurant reviewer and award-winning cookbook author,  discusses the impact of her parents on her mindset and the inspirations that shaped her. Zola also reflects on her experiences with Gordon Ramsay and the significance of her cookbooks.
Tune in for a heartfelt reflection on the significance of personal satisfaction and evolution in one’s life path.

Quotes from Zola:
“I’ve taken opportunities and made the best of them”
“Seeing somebody who genuinely loved what they did, I understood what that meant, and I grew up knowing that that was possible.
“I want to leave a legacy behind. Even long after I’m gone, the books and the recipes exist, being passed down through generations.”




Imposter Syndrome (00:00:59) Zola Nene discusses her experience with imposter syndrome and how she overcame it.
Decision to Quit Law (00:02:30) Zola Nene reflects on her decision to quit law school and pursue a career in the culinary arts.
Influences and Inspirations (00:03:38) Zola Nene talks about the inspirations that have shaped her, including her parents’ work ethic and their support for her career change.
Interest in Culinary Arts (00:05:27) Zola Nene shares her shift from studying law to her interest in food and cooking, leading to her decision to pursue a career in culinary arts.
First Job in the UK (00:08:31) Zola Nene describes her first job as a commis chef in the UK and how it prepared her for her career in the culinary industry.
On Set with Gordon Ramsay (00:10:47) Zola Nene talks about her experience working with Gordon Ramsay on Uncharted, sharing her culture and the positive connection they formed.
Cooking with Gordon Ramsay (00:14:18) Zola Nene shares her experience of cooking with Gordon Ramsay in front of a hippo, including the potential danger and the dramatic moments on set.
Managing Future Commitments (00:17:10) Zola Nene and Sean Loots discuss making decisions based on how they will feel in the future, and the pressure of declining social and work invitations.
Pride in Cookbook Awards (00:22:01) Zola Nene expresses her pride in winning cookbook awards and the significance of leaving a food legacy through her recipes.
Watching Kids Open Gifts (00:23:53) Zola Nene shares the joy of watching her niece and nephew open gifts at Christmas.

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