Shaun Brooking.

This is an excerpt of the full length episode is titled “Working on my nerves with Shaun Brooking.”


If, like me, you have aches and pains that come and go, you may have tried a few different methods of alleviating your ailments.

I’ve tried physiotherapy, chiropractors, body stress release, TRE and even Rolfing.

Rolfing is when a practitioner massages the muscles and fascia not only where you’re feeling pain, but all over your body with the goal of fixing your body’s posture so that it corrects any lingering imbalances that are causing the pain.

Sometimes we can identify the reason for the pain we are feeling. I walk into a countertop and bruise my hip or I lift a weight from a position of instability and I pull muscle of pinch a nerve.

But what if the origin of the pain you feel in your body isn’t as obvious to identify. This is where I started to explore the world of somatic therapy.

Somatics is described as “any practice that uses the mind-body connection to help you survey your internal self and listen to signals your body sends about areas of pain, discomfort, or imbalance”.

These practices – and there are many of them – allow you to access more information about the ways your body might hold on to your experiences.

My guest on this episode is Shaun Brooking.

Shaun earned an Honours degree in Human Performance in 2007, after completing his degree in Sports and Exercise Science. at Stellenbosch University.

Since then, Shaun has added depth to his academic knowledge through personal experience and further education, developing himself into a somatic coach and educator.



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