Theran Knighton-Fitt

Do you think your co-workers have high or low emotional intelligence? What can we learn about EQ from someone that grew up in a communal home?
Theran Knighton-Fitt grew up in a home filled with love, support and more people than a class of preschoolers.
Theran’s formative years clearly impacted how he leads his life and the work he does at MyGrow, an online employee wellness platform that drives personal growth.

In this episode of Something Shifted, Theran explains that emotional intelligence is a set of skills that helps manage oneself and interactions with others effectively. EQ involves self-management, relationships with others, decision-making, and stress handling. Core beliefs, values and personal narratives can play a significant role in the development of emotional intelligence.
Theran also shares his view on engaging with AI.

Quotes from Theran Knighton-Fitt:
“It was a complex and complicated childhood that has formed me in so many different ways.”
“Emotional intelligence is so much broader than the average understanding.”
“So much of the work we do at Mygrow is restorative, it is rehabilitation work to try and undermine some of the self-beliefs and narratives that we have of ourselves.”

Growing Up in a Communal Home (00:00:43) Theran’s childhood experiences in a communal home in South Africa and the family’s relocation plans.

Influence of Childhood on Emotional Intelligence (00:02:12) The impact of Theran’s upbringing on his life and work in emotional intelligence.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (00:05:06) Theran’s explanation of emotional intelligence, its definition, and the broad involvement of emotions in various life areas.

Core Beliefs and Emotional Intelligence (00:09:43) The role of core beliefs in the development of emotional intelligence and their impact on identity and narratives.

Neuroscience and Emotional Response (00:13:25) Theran’s explanation of the amygdala’s role in associating past experiences with present situations and its impact on emotional responses.

The Importance of Belief and Support (00:16:25) Theran’s perspective on the importance of having someone who believes in us, as seen through the lens of being a parent.

Restorative Work (00:20:16) Theran explains how the work at Mygrow is restorative and rehabilitative, aiming to address self-beliefs and identities developed in childhood.

Engaging with AI (00:21:39) Theran shares his approach to engaging with artificial intelligence and emphasizes the importance of maintaining human values and behaviors.

Emotional Sensitivity (00:24:19) Theran reflects on how exhaustion increases emotional sensitivity and the impact it has on feeling offended or misunderstood.

Recording Songs for Children (00:26:42) Theran expresses his desire to record the songs he wrote for his children, explaining the sentimental significance and meaning behind them.

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