Shelley Lewin.

When Shelley realized that almost all of her relationships were unfulfilling, she came to conclusion that she was the common denominator and found her career after her fiancé left her.

Shelley Lewin is a certified SACAP counselor, international coach federation member, and accredited professional certified coach.

Today Shelly councils couples and colleagues to healthy, rewarding relationships through “art, science and practice.”

We discuss her book Uncomplicated Love, the ongoing process of self-worth and self-acceptance and its impact on building healthy relationships, and Shelley reveals Sean’s Attachment Style Survey results.

Main Topics Discussed Include:
* Developing a Healthy Relationship with Ourselves
* Understanding Different Types of Relationships
* Power Dynamics and Empowerment in Relationships
* The Foundation of a Good Relationship
* Unraveling Perspectives and Changing Behaviors
* Compatibility, Attachment Styles, and Partnership in Relationships
* The Influence of Core Beliefs on Attachment Styles
* Challenging Common Narratives in Relationships
* The Importance of Vulnerability in Intimacy
* Understanding and Shifting Attachment Styles
* Building Awareness, Making Choices, and Practicing for Mastery

Shelley Lewin (The Relationship Architect Coaching and Education) Website

Attachment Styles and Close Relationship Survey

Book Orders:
Uncomplicated Love: in South Africa
Uncomplicated Love: outside South Africa 

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