Ross Symons.

Ever wondered how folding paper could change your life? In this episode of “Something Shifted,” Sean Loots sits down with Ross Symons, who swapped web development for the ancient art of origami and the captivating world of stop motion animation.

Discover how a simple 365-day origami challenge catapulted Ross into the spotlight, earning him projects with high-end brands like Christian Dior and Disney.

Ross opens up about overcoming skepticism, the power of self-motivation, and the significance of showcasing one’s creative journey, all while reimagining the true meaning of success.

Embrace change and take risks in pursuing your passions.
Value and share your creative work consistently.
Overcome self-limitations and self-sabotage.
Define success on your own terms and prioritize having time for yourself.

00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Embracing Change
03:53 – Influences from Parents
04:51 – Childhood and Computer
06:16 – Choosing a Career Path
07:41 – Origami Project
08:34 – Transition to White on Rice
09:32 – Pseudonym: Calvin Rockstar
10:02 – Unfolding Ross Symons
11:28 – Collaboration with Christian Dior
13:17 – Defining Success
14:13 – Overcoming Self-Sabotage
15:37 – The Importance of Taking Action
18:58 – Embracing Imperfection
20:49 – Defining Success and Having Time
26:32 – Overcoming Self-Limitations
28:02 – Failure and Adaptation
29:05 – Conclusion


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