Ronen Aires.

If you’re anything like me – and I think you are – you may have healthy debates with friends about how the schooling system has developed our way of thinking.
Programed us to believe that a holiday is when you slow down.
Groomed us even, into believing that we don’t deserve a physical or mental break unless our calendar is clear, our email inbox is empty and our to-do list is all wrapped up.

These debates often arrive at the conclusion that while elements of this may be true, ultimately we have less and less capacity.

In this episode, I speak with Ronen Aires about the importance of taking control of one’s busy schedule and finding ways to add capacity to our lives.

We delve into a concept Ronen calls “The Chooseday Experiment,” and he shares his personal journey of dedicating Tuesdays to doing things that bring him joy, fulfillment, and creative inspiration. By intentionally creating space for activities that resonate with his passions and well-being, Ronen has found a way to avoid burnout and recharge his creative energy.

Key Takeaways and Insights:

The Chooseday Experiment: Dedicate a day or specific time each week to engage in activities that bring joy, fulfillment, and creativity.
Prioritize Self-Care: Create boundaries and make space for activities that recharge your energy and well-being.
Microdose December: Regularly replenish your creative energy to avoid burnout and maintain productivity.
Shift from Urgent to Important: Reevaluate priorities and focus on what truly serves your highest interests.
Embrace Agency: Take control of your schedule and find your own pace to experience flow and inspiration.

More about my guest:
Youth marketing expert, dynamic public speaker and thought-provoking author – Ronen Aires has always been fascinated with the human condition. He’s trained globally with the best teachers in the art and science of human performance. In this role, he has helped many leaders around the world find their A-Game. He strongly advocates for the importance of living a full and holistic lifestyle, encouraging others to accelerate their potential by embracing ancient wisdom and science backed tools.

As the renowned co-founder and CEO of Student Village, South Africa’s most prominent student marketing specialists, Ronen has dedicated much of his career to supporting youth and guiding them to greatness. Whether its speaking on podcasts and being featured in the media, or mentoring, writing articles and a book, Ronen utilizes all available platforms to highlight the genius of today’s young adults.

Ronen is a husband, father, advocate, entrepreneur, facilitator, coach and investor among other things. His preferred title? Young Elder.

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