Noa Belling.

Are you aware of how stress physically shapes your life?

Sean Loots sits down with award-winning, bestselling author, psychotherapist and corporate consultant, Noa Belling to discuss her latest book, Stress Less: Managing anxiety in a modern world.

They discuss practical tools for managing stress, the purpose of stress, different stress responses, and the importance of body-mind connection.
Noa shares techniques such as breathing exercises, body awareness, and mindfulness to help individuals cope with stress.
They also explore the concept of email apnea and the impact of screens on stress levels.

This episode emphasizes the need to recognize chronic stress and intervene before it becomes detrimental to one’s health. Noa provides valuable insights and strategies for stress management in today’s fast-paced world.

This episode was originally published by Pagecast and is followed by a short series of guided Stress Less practices exclusively for Something Shifted listeners, led by Noa Belling.

Stress is a natural survival mechanism that keeps us alert and motivated.
Different stress responses include fight, flight, freeze, and freeze with anxiety.
Practicing body awareness and breathing exercises can help manage stress levels.
Recognizing chronic stress and using stress management tools can prevent negative health effects.

03:02 Practical Tools for Stress Management
04:23 The Purpose of Stress
05:47 Differentiating Good and Bad Stress
06:41 Identifying Constant Grinding Stress
07:39 Recognizing When Stress Becomes Overwhelming
08:07 The Inspiration Behind Stress Less
09:33 The Body-Mind Connection
10:23 Living in a More Intuitive and In-Touch Way
11:46 Managing Social Stress
12:44 Practicing Presence and Mindfulness
13:41 The Importance of Breathing and Body Awareness
16:29 The Concept of Email Apnea
18:24 The Cell Danger Response
19:43 Bringing Awareness to Stress Responses
21:31 Spotting Chronic Stress
23:26 The Importance of Slow and Gentle Breathing
25:26 Differentiating Stress and Relaxation Responses
27:45 Growing the Relaxation Response
28:44 Practical Exercises for Stress Management
32:59 The Prevalence of Stress in Today’s World
35:25 Using Stress-Less Tools Before a Crisis
37:47 The Value of Stress-Less for Everyone

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