Kirsten Van Heerden.

We’re often told that dealing with daily situations is simply a case of mind over matter, but very seldom are we taught skills to implement this.

Dr Kirsten Van Heerden is one of only a handful of people in South Africa to have both represented her country as an athlete and hold a PhD in the area of sport psychology. She has guided many Olympians, World Champions and South African sports teams over there mental barriers.

In this episode we discuss so much. From how to pick yourself up after receiving negative feedback to toxic positivity, how high performers’ tend to attach their sense of self worth to their ability to execute skills and how mental toughness can be mixed up with mental health, which is not great for your well-being.

Dr Kirsten Van Heerden can be contacted through the Newton Sports Agency website or directly on Instagram: @drkirstenvanheerden

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