John Sanei.

Using a dynamic mix of human psychology, quantum science, business strategy and futurism, John Sanei creates talks, writes books, delivers masterclasses and sits on boards to help guide future-forward leaders who are ready to lean into uncertainty, overcome doubt, and rise with courage, clarity and power.

But it has taken some serious deep work to get there.

In this episode of Some Assembly Required, the 5x best-selling author talks openly about losing everything he had worked for, overcoming adversity and following his curiosity as well as meditation and how it has helped him get to where he is now.

John mentions Dr Joe Dispenza and his teachings.
We also refer to American neuroscientist, Dr Andrew Huberman and his research.

John Sanei is a globally acclaimed keynote speaker, futures strategist, 5 times bestselling author, Singularity University and Duke CE faculty member, Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, Chief of Tomorrow Board Member and a podcaster.

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