Brandon Beack.

While training for a gymnastics competition, 16-year-old Brandon Beack had a life-changing accident. A poorly timed dismount saw him miss the safety mat and land on the only square metre of uncovered concrete.

Brandon broke his neck and was instantly paralysed from his shoulders down.
Through sheer determination and hard work, he has regained far more mobility than many thought possible.

Today, Brandon heads up the Walking With Brandon Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers outpatient rehabilitation at an affordable rate to people with disabilities. He also has his sights set on a new athletic goal, to compete at the The Paris 2024 Paralymic Games.

Main Topics Discussed:

Brandon Beack’s Dreams and Goals
The Shift to Being a Para Athlete
Overcoming Challenges and Regaining Independence
The Importance of Therapy and Consistency
Celebrating Small Achievements
Finding Love
Interacting with People of Determination.

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