Welcome to Something Shifted.

with Sean Loots

A South African podcast about the hidden potential in unexpected twists.

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Zola Nene

Theran Knighton-Fitt

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The Story Behind Something Shifted.

Award-winning radio personality, podcast  producer, and father of one, Sean Loots, knows only too well the joy and discomfort of  unexpected change.
The years Sean spent coaching swimming has also given him a unique ability to see possibility where others cannot. 

It comes as no surprise that Sean would host a podcast about the hidden potential in unexpected twists.
Seeking out possibilities and leaning in to change is what Something Shifted is all about. 

Everything changes when you make a choice. But what happens when life throws an unexpected curveball? How can we adapt and grow?

Parenting a child with special needs while navigating the world of media, Sean speaks with inspiring people who have embraced a new normal and discovered their true potential along the way.

With each choice we make, we form new habits, take on new roles, and build a data set that will influence the next choice we make.

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Meet Your Host

I am a dedicated girl dad, an award-winning radio host and podcast producer on a mission to live with authenticity.  

I believe that listening is an art that requires attention over talent and by listening  intently, we learn, we grow and we shift perspectives. 

Goals are easy. Progress is hard. And only progress matters. 

Sean Loots

What listeners say about Something Shifted

I look forward to each weeks release. Listening to the questions asked of each guest, really helps me think about my own stand point and where I’m going. The upbeat flow of the conversation makes it easy to listen to. It’s exciting to get a sneak peak into how people are thinking and what drives them. A truly inspiring listen. V. Blundell
V. Blundell
It so honest but accessible. It’s so needed in this life of smoke, mirrors and BS we’ve been living.
K. Pather
Sean this was no doubt a wonderful listen! Your voice smoothe as silk. Every sentence kept me listening and wanting more. The feel was easy, informative and despite the content being 'heavy' it all came across 'light enough' to digest. Well done🙌 I look forward to many more! ❤
V. Cloete-Collison
The podcast “from chaos to clarity” is so far one of the best and important podcast i have ever listened to. Clear, simple and extremely relatable. It could have lasted another 2 hours and it would have been super interesting and never boring. I am sure it has helped many people to relate to the matter and inspired to seek answers, Well done Sean. A clear, easy to access podcast: with a world class quality sound and an amazing, familiar voice. Perfect companion for car drive.
A. Allegra
I love the content a ton. This content is FANTASTIC actually. Omg I have actual tears listening to this.
V. MacCullum
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